MZWallace Says Aloha

25 Nov

I’ve had my eye on MZ Wallace and their line of fashionable, function-able bags for a few years now. In fact, back when I lived in New York, my office was only a few blocks from theirs! MZ Wallace is one of those brands where you could own a full collection of styles from A-Z under one designer. Now, not many labels can offer that. I’m talking mini sequin backpack, glossy maroon work purse, to lightweight nylon totes perfect for traveling. It makes sense that Designer and Co-Owner Monica shares on their site, “We began the company 15 years ago with the goal of designing lightweight, fashionable bags. Constructed with custom developed nylons and Italian leathers, the collection is designed with the idea that function and style can, and should coexist.” I don’t know about you, but sometimes there’s that ultra-cute purse, but the straps are too short, or too thin and dig into your shoulder, or that backpack with leather straps that are not too chic when mixed with summer and armpits (hey, I’m just being honest)!
Recently, Lucy, Designer and Co-owner, flew all the way to our tiny island in the Pacific to launch their first store-within-a-store at our new Bloomingdale’s at the Ala Moana Center. The MZ Wallace space within the store has a prime location, displaying their most popular and newest styles, and basically almost sold out of styles opening weekend!

I was lucky enough to attend a little brunch at Scratch Kitchen & Bakeshop with Lucy, and Sarah, from MZ Wallace, as well as a few local creatives. Laura, from Sequins at Breakfast, another Hawaii transplant, hosted our brunch and was as sweet as I hoped she would be from her blog! We noshed on chilaquiles, brussels sprouts, talked Hawaii and New York and learned a lot about the history of MZ Wallace. I couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday with fashion and food!

I picked out the Large Metro Tote in Black for a classic everyday bag that I swear to you, has not left my shoulder all week. The ultra-light material doesn’t weigh my shoulder down like most oversized bags. It also has compartments inside to organize my wallet, phone, keys so I don’t have to go fishing for them in the large bag. Inside, there are three detachable mini bags, perfect for traveling, but also Lucy showed me that the entire bag itself can fit in the largest mini bag for ultimate portability. I’m such a fan of the nylon material, especially with the wet weather we’ve been having here on island. And, the leather trim gives it a luxe look. Can you tell by my gushing it’s my dream bag?
Photo credit: Cait Schlabach Photography
Well, after seeing a few of MZ Wallace’s other bags: um, hello FRINGE BACKPACK? Le swoon. I know I’ll be back at the new Bloomingdale’s shopping again soon, or hey, Christmas is coming, right?

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