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A Glitter Guide to Oahu

24 Mar

A few months ago, some of the lovely ladies of Glitter Guide popped over to Oahu on their trip through the Pacific. We met up at one of my favorite new gems in Kaka’ako: Paiko botanical boutique and Brue Bar. I mean, a gorgeous floral shop, DIY stop, and delicious coffee all in the most chic white space. Basically it’s my dream decor and I was so excited to share with my new friends from the East Coast, and of course, the Glitter Guide readers…

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Paiko carries the most gorgeous local flowers, like proteas, in case you’re a grab and go type of person. But the most fun aspect in my eyes, is the DIY succulent bar. Choose your base: from terrariums to a hanging glass planter, to wooden boxes, crates, a pot, the works. Then fill with mulch and dirt, pick your plant or plants, and then add some flair. Anything from colorful sand, figurines, rocks, bright blue, green, pink, basically anything you can dream, they have.

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After we made our succulent pot, we went to the other side of the store for Brue Bar. The second location for Brue, and just as delicious as the original. Their homemade chai latte, cappuccino, and cold brew coffee are absolutely worth a try.

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One of my favorite parts about the neighborhood, and as I’ve previously posted, is the graffiti art and murals from Pow Wow Hawaii. We walked around a bit to see the last of the 2014 art before it was redone this year. This wall below is now a completely different, and gorgeous neon piece seen in this post.

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If you need a post-caffeine food fix, Cocina next door to Paiko is your gourmet mexican stop. Patas Bravas, pineapple chicken green chile tacos, amazing street corn, it’s all so, so good.

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Read more about my favorite Oahu spots over on Glitter Guide here and let me know if you have any favorites I forgot to share!

Guess what…

21 Jan

I’m coming BACK! It’s been quite some time but I miss this ol’ blog. Everyday to Runway is definitely going to get a revamp but I’m excited to share again with you soon.


Off to the Beach

26 Apr

This week I’ll be laying poolside on vacation. Posting will return next Monday. I hope you scan back at old posts in the meantime! xo

DIY Design

13 Apr

In case you’re new to reading my site, you might not know that I have a full time job in event production. It is 100% my dream job and I am so lucky to have a challenging but rewarding career so young in my life. One of the main aspects of my job is continually exploring new design inspiration to use at events. Florals, lighting, fonts, and DIY (Do It Yourself) pieces all go into an event and lucky for me, I am always on the hunt for more via mags, blogs, pretty much any where and everywhere.


Last week, I came across Anthropologie’s new facebook album sharing their 2011 Earth Day retail designs. The storefronts, windows, and decor were all made up of corks. Yes, wine corks! The eco-chic idea was too adorable to not share and if you’re DIY savvy, a nice little weekend project to put on your plate.

Anthropologie shared that cork is 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. After the April artwork, Anthropologie will send the corks to Cork ReHarvest to transform into new items such as flooring, paper pulp, cork bobbers and much more. Aside from the gorgeous design, I love the fact that Anthropologie is using it’s store status for good. Reusing items rather than producing week long graphics for a window, bringing awareness to a good cause, as well as donating to create new out of old.


After collecting corks, use either markers or dye you can color the corks to any thing you want. A simple twine, carabiner, and wire construction can create a day project out of corks to make a chic kitchen chandelier. If it’s a little too out of your DIY realm, take the corks and hot glue them to a large canvas to create a beautiful design like the moon, or wheel-like shapes above. I love the idea of using your old corks for kitchen crafts and this project would make the perfect decor for a new apartment!


Head over to Anthropologie’s facebook to learn more about their project and see more of their designs. I hope these photos inspired you as much as they did me!


All photos from Anthropologie’s facebook.

Something Borrowed

5 Apr

I’m 100% not embarrassed to admit that I’m a huge nerd. Ever since I was younger I loved reading. I never had profound reading choices, Archie Comics in elementary school, Gossip Girl books in middle school, Jodi Piccoult books in high school and of course, the Twilight books in college. I have my biography or two here and there, my literary moments of worth, but mainly my ultimate guilty pleasure in life is chick-lit. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s chick literature. A large printed, short lasting easy read that is normally based around a “real-life” girl in fantasy situations. A struggling single girl in NY who gets discovered to be the next big PR Director of a fashion company, then meets the man of her dreams with a 3-carat ring, closet of Louboutins, and weekend trips to exotic locale. Basically, a chick flick in 250-page form.


I have never turned down or off a chick flick in my life, and I have never not finished a chick-lit book. And to connect the two, any time I hear of a new book being turned into a movie I rush to read the book prior to movie opening. Devil Wears Prada, any Nicolas Sparks, Eat Pray Love and now… Something Borrowed.

After seeing the trailer featuring Kate Hudson, the ultimate chick-flick queen, I knew I had to read the book immediately. The story revolves around Rachel, the stereotypical “shy” brunette, who lets her boisterous blonde friend Darcy take the lead in life. Rachel decides to matters into her own hands and stand up for herself despite Darcy’s dominant matter. The adorable tale of friendship, true love, and deceit made this an easy read. If you’re like me and have no control of yourself to actually put the book down, this is a one day read.


For a little extra fun, here’s the trailer for the upcoming movie… but promise me you’ll read the book first. It’s always better!!

I borrowed Something Borrowed from a friend, and I suggest you to pass the book along to friends for a quick and fun beach read!