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Friday Favorites #2

15 Nov

Time for the second installment of my Friday Favorites Video Series! I hope you all enjoyed the very first video, if you missed it you can watch it in this post here. These week I wanted to share four things that are my tried and trues, and one new item! I’ve been using most of the items for a few months to a few years, so you know they’re really a favorite!

See the products mentioned here: 

Bed Head After Party Smoothing Creme

Bare Minerals Faux Tan Face

Sunse Apparel tshirt, full site at

Target Hat

Wheat Belly Cookbook


So those are my favorites this week, please let me know in the comments if you’re liking my new video series!


* I was given the Sunse Apparel t-shirt and compensated but all opinions are my own.

Vitamin Sea

14 Nov

I think every time I go on Pinterest I see some form of a pin saying “All I need is Sun, Sand and the Sea,” or “The Cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea”… Basically it all comes back to the ocean. And I finally understand where the sentiment stems from…

Having a rough day? How can you pout when you’re splashing around in waves.

Feeling sick? The ocean is the original saline spray. Any time I have bad allergies, congestion, or a cold, a 15 minute swim is all I need to breathe again.

If you want to be active, you swim. If you’re lazy, you can wade.

Sometimes, I just need a break from technology, people, traffic, social media, and the best thing I can do is jump in the water.

No devices allowed.

New Video Series: Friday Favorites

8 Nov

Now that I have a functioning computer that can handle requests without breaking down to the rainbow wheel of doom, I have decided to start a new video series! Each Friday I’ll share five favorite items of mine, some new, some oldies but goodies, but all amazing. Each week there will be items related to beauty, fashion, life, all across the board. Here is the first installment:

Products mentioned

Polish, Essie After School Boy Blazer

Mascara, Benefit They’re Real

Bikini, Vitamin A in *NILE (not Batik) available to purchase on shopbop here

Gratitude Journal

The Pocket Fashion SketchPad

Please comment below if you liked my first installation of Friday Favorites. Don’t forget to become a subscriber of my channel so you won’t miss the next video too. If there’s any recommendations or genres you’d like to see covered in another week, maybe my favorite book or cookbook just let me know below!


FTC Disclosure: I received the Vitamin A Bikini as a gift from the company but all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this video. 

Crushing on Camo

6 Nov

Crushing on Camo

I’ll be the first to admit I am one of the girliest girls you’ll ever meet. Like must match my sleepwear, still wears bows, loves glitter nail polish level of girlie. But lately I’ve been attracted to basically the complete opposite of sparkle and bows: camouflage. The masculine style has been elevated by the likes of Valentino, Elizabeth and James, Michael Kors (all above) to a more chic, sophisticated level than we’ve previously seen. I love the idea of using camo to create an edgy look, perfect for Fall.


1. Pair these Michael Kors camo pumps (on sale) with skinny leather pants for a bold statement.

2. Wear your camo pants with these Joie black pointy flats (on sale) for a casual look, or pump them up with over the knee boots for a sexier style.

3. If you’re hesitant on the style start with camo hair ties in a long braid so the tie is visible, or pair dark wash jeans with this C.Wonder camo belt.

4. A camo sweatshirt, like this Elizabeth and James one, is the perfect night throw on with cut-offs for girls in warmer weather like me, or tie a camo scarf to your black handbag.

This is one pattern that will never go out of style, so if you’re up for standing out while blending in (get it, get it) splurge for the nicer pieces that you can wear for many seasons to come. If you’re a girly girl like me, start small with accessories, or find camo at stores like Forever 21, Target or H&M so you won’t break the bank if you end up letting it sit in the back of your closet. But I say go for it, buy the camo pants!


Shop the post here:

Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart…

5 Nov

I’m currently dealing with another round of what I like to call “spells.” My health hasn’t been the best lately but working on staying positive despite having to take a nap or two each day. I never realized how much life you take for granted until you have to make 80% of your day’s decisions based on what’s best for your health. Looking on instagram and seeing boozy brunches and late nights don’t make me jealous anymore because I’m taking care of my body and treating it with respect. It’s the simple pleasures that make me twinge in longing: workouts, working in an office, driving (!!).

I wish I could say I had an easy answer, but after what is now 12 months of dealing with a mystery balance disorder, all I can say is I am grateful for learning at 25 the importance of taking care of myself and my body. .

We all glamorize our life on instagram, whether it’s for others, or in my case, to remind me of the good days and moments outside. But regardless of what we put out for others, it’s important to remind ourselves why we are grateful and what we are grateful for. So the reason why I shared my story is mainly to show you, my dear readers, why you should be grateful for your life. If you’re having a bad day, it’s not a bad life, it’s one hour, or one day, and guess what you can wake up tomorrow with a positive outlook and CHOOSE to be grateful now.

So here’s my challenge to you: find a piece of paper, and before you go to sleep write down ONE thing each day that you are grateful for. It could be as small as your coffee that brewed extra amazing this morning, or the fact that you found time to bake a new baked good this week (and it was delicious), or you found that amazing lipstick you lost last month. Write down one thing every day for the rest of November. I promise you you’ll be happy you did it, happier with your life, stop sweating as many little things, and you accomplished a goal. You don’t have to be thankful only on Thanksgiving.


Now what do you say? Want to join this challenge with me? If so, start by commenting below one thing you are grateful for. I hope you’ll bring me a little bit of joy and share with me if you read this. It’s always a bit scary to put yourself out there, so thank you for letting me share here…