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On Maui: Letarte

17 Apr

Our last stop of the day when we were in Paia, Maui was Letarte. Oh man, oh man was it a temptation of my credit card. I’ve been a fan of the Letarte brand for awhile now but actually seeing and feeling the pieces in person, wow, I’ve fallen more in love. These luxe looks are perfect for the elevated beachy girl. Letarte is the epitome of cool girl chic, with boho prints, bright colors in sleek designs, with the neon tassel necklace and fringe bag to match. It’s a one stop shop for an entire wardrobe overhaul, and believe me, if there was one store to do it, this would be mine. LETARTE SWIMWEAR

Sisters Lisa and Michele Letarte debuted their line in Maui but it has since grown to have stores in Manhattan, Greenwich, CT, Southern California, plus speciality retail stores. The ladies at the Maui boutique were so knowledgeable about the brand itself that I was given an insider view to the creative process, and especially loved hearing about how Lisa designs her prints, such as the skull & butterfly combo below.


Walking into the store I felt like I stepped into a super chic surf house. A home-y vibe, with bright colors, flowy fabrics, and yes, a few surfboards. Attached on the side of the store was also an art gallery with her husband’s work. What a talented duo! What I loved most about the store was the organization by color. I know what colors work best with my skin tone and prefer to shop by shade, so it was a cinch to go directly for the pieces I was interested in.



The unique print designed by Lisa. LETARTE SHARK CLUTCH

I’ve been stalking this bag for months. LETARTE TASSELSLETARTE BAG

If you couldn’t tell, this store is literally my heaven. And the best news is, they’re opening a shop on Oahu at the Royal Hawaiian Center soon. Oh, so dangerous, but I’m so excited! Check out their website if there’s a shop near you, or of course, you can always shop online…. get those credit cards ready, you’ll need it.

On Oahu: Canyon Beachwear Waikiki

6 Apr


When you live on an island, you can never have enough bikinis. Even if you’re not in a climate that’s warm year round, but you’re a serial weekend beach goer during those precious East Coast summer months, it’s important to have more than one bikini. But despite going through the process more often than I’d like to admit, it’s still not easy to shop for swimsuits. Bikinis are like jeans, the fit is totally dependent on the brand. Some brands run big, some run small, some are cut wayyy too cheeky for this semi-conservative girl, it pays to shop with people who know their stuff. Enter: Canyon Beachwear.


I visited their store on Waikiki Beachwalk, and loved the range of products they have. From classic solid colors, polka dots, to high fashion mesh, cut-outs, crochet. Bikinis, one pieces, cup sizes AA-F! The staff however, made the biggest difference in setting apart this shopping experience. They knew how each brand fit, to size up or down, which prevented those awkward fitting rooms encounters where you can’t even put the top on, or tie the bottoms tight enough to stay on! It felt like shopping with friends, very, very knowledgeable friends. I was so excited to finally try on a few picks and even happier when all but one fit! I shared my standard sizes, and was given a crazy range of sizes depending on the brand. For example, B Swim runs cheeky, so I was told to size up in those bottoms, where as Seafolly is in Australian sizes so she helped find me my equivalent match, and then Helen Jon runs big, so size down. Overall, the entire experience was so calm and easy because I was helped to pick out XS/S in one brand, and M/L in another, rather than just guessing with my standard sizes. It’s a rare experience to not only find a suit I love, but actually, many suits, and with no fitting room drama, and I walked out feeling confident in my choice and excited to wear my new bikini.

I chose a Helen Jon suit, a brand made in the USA, that instantly felt bright, comfortable, and secure. When I’ve diving into the waves, the last thing I want is to worry about my bottoms staying on tight. The top is also criss-cross which avoids that inevitable neck pain after wearing your kini for a full day. Plus, the Tulum Aqua print is pretty dang fun! The top is available online here, and bottoms here.

For those of you getting ready for beach season, Canyon Beachwear has locations all over the United States, and online! If available I highly suggest popping in and talking to their knowledgeable and sweet staff, especially the Waikiki ladies.DSC_0489 DSC_0498 DSC_0501 DSC_0509 DSC_0517

Bikini ℅ Canyon Beachwear. 

A Glitter Guide to Oahu

24 Mar

A few months ago, some of the lovely ladies of Glitter Guide popped over to Oahu on their trip through the Pacific. We met up at one of my favorite new gems in Kaka’ako: Paiko botanical boutique and Brue Bar. I mean, a gorgeous floral shop, DIY stop, and delicious coffee all in the most chic white space. Basically it’s my dream decor and I was so excited to share with my new friends from the East Coast, and of course, the Glitter Guide readers…

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Paiko carries the most gorgeous local flowers, like proteas, in case you’re a grab and go type of person. But the most fun aspect in my eyes, is the DIY succulent bar. Choose your base: from terrariums to a hanging glass planter, to wooden boxes, crates, a pot, the works. Then fill with mulch and dirt, pick your plant or plants, and then add some flair. Anything from colorful sand, figurines, rocks, bright blue, green, pink, basically anything you can dream, they have.

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After we made our succulent pot, we went to the other side of the store for Brue Bar. The second location for Brue, and just as delicious as the original. Their homemade chai latte, cappuccino, and cold brew coffee are absolutely worth a try.

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One of my favorite parts about the neighborhood, and as I’ve previously posted, is the graffiti art and murals from Pow Wow Hawaii. We walked around a bit to see the last of the 2014 art before it was redone this year. This wall below is now a completely different, and gorgeous neon piece seen in this post.

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If you need a post-caffeine food fix, Cocina next door to Paiko is your gourmet mexican stop. Patas Bravas, pineapple chicken green chile tacos, amazing street corn, it’s all so, so good.

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Read more about my favorite Oahu spots over on Glitter Guide here and let me know if you have any favorites I forgot to share!