Summer Self-Tan

22 Mar

So anyone who has met me in the winter knows that I am not the tannest of girls. In fact, I am ghostly white. My brother, mother, grandparents all have that olive-tinge to their skin from our Italian heritage. I, however, do not. When I was younger and went to summer camp on the East Coast, I absolutely loved that golden back to school glow resulting from 7 weeks spent outdoors gradually building with a light sunscreen barrier. And despite living in California for ten years I never developed that ‘base tan’ that everyone speaks of, instead, I just learned how to fake it.


With skin cancer warnings raising by the day, I never was one to bed tan. I tried it once, was claustrophobic and checked moles for a good year with paranoia praying those 14 minutes didn’t harm me. I spent probably $500 on specified spray tan (not Mystic) my senior year of college which blew my budget hard and created an uneven look after only 2 showers. I pretty much gave up, causing a scarily pale winter my first year in NY. Back in December, a company Beautisol reached out to me to try their already highly acclaimed self-tanning lotion.

After looking over their website, I saw how many options there were and the benefit to purchasing from them rather than a drugstore. I’ve used Jergen’s gradual lotion, L’Oreal spray, gel, and lotion, I’ve bought expensive brands from Sephora over $75 per bottle, and from high to low nothing compared to beautisol’s. If you ever had any questions about self-tanning, their website has more information than you could ever read! Videos, tips, tricks, FAQs, and even a personalized response to know what works best for you!

Personally, I am lighter in skin tone so I decided to try the All Seasons Glow rather than the Summer Glow which is a deeper application, that would look more natural on darker skin tones, or during the summer. After using the exfoliator the night before, (I recommend not to use directly prior to application), I applied the sweet smelling lotion in the amount the directions specified. 1/2 pump for each forearm, full pump for each leg, etc. The best part about the entire product is the fact that beautisol has a ‘Pure Scent Odor Eliminating Technology’ which gives it a fresh rather than DHA smelling lotion, (it is slightly fragrant, so do not buy if you are extremely sensitive to fragrances). After using it for 4 months now, I can honestly say this is my self-tanner. It may seem like a pain to order online but it is 100% worth it (and I rarely order online).


I’ve learned through constant use a few tricks:

– Rub the lotion in thoroughly. The most haphazard I am with application the more likely I develop uneven color. I now rub each section on individually for around 60 seconds in a circular motion to create an even look.

– Exfoliating is actually very important prior to application. Also, if your color starts to look uneven, exfoliate again and retry the next day.

– Cover the top of your hand entirely  with the product and when you wash your hands after application wash only your fingers, palms, and in between each finger. This prevents any streaks on your actual fingers or around your wrists which is a tell-tale sign.


I really can’t say enough about this product. I would never, ever endorse something I do not use personally and can honestly say that as much as I wanted to do a before/after photo of my own skin with this product. I’ve been using it so consistently on my arms, I couldn’t take a break long enough to get that “before” photo. After trying what felt like 80% of self-tanning products on the market, I am so glad I was able to try Beautisol’s and now would endorse All Seasons Glow to anyone and everyone. Of their site, this is the only product I’ve tried, but as summer comes along, I’m excited to buy the Summer Glow to see the color difference as well as the face tanning products for a more cohesive look!


You can learn more on their website, their facebook, and their twitter… they even have a new youtube site as well! Or comment below, email me or tweet me @everyday_runway for any questions you may have regarding my experience!


4 Responses to “Summer Self-Tan”

  1. Shae March 22, 2011 at 10:26 AM #

    In desperate need of a new self tanner…nothing seems to be working this winter!
    I’ll def try this recommendation! Thanks!

    • everydaytorunway March 24, 2011 at 2:31 PM #

      Thanks for stopped by Shae! Let me know how you like it after you try it. xo

  2. Nicki March 23, 2011 at 1:27 PM #

    Hi I have been reading forever, though I’m not sure I have ever commented. I am the fake tanning QUEEN and now I am definitely going to try this product. Like you I have broken my bank account on professional spray tans and bought everything from drug store to Sephora. Right now I’m using tan towels and I like them but I’m not totally in love. I will comment and let you know how it goes 🙂

    • everydaytorunway March 24, 2011 at 1:29 PM #


      Thank you SO much for being a loyal reader and I’m glad you decided to comment! I’ve never tried tan towels, but I love these because you can slightly see the color when you apply it so you don’t make any mistakes. It also doesn’t rub off on clothing/sheets the way spray tans can. Just remember to rub it in as much as you can in order to prevent streaking.

      Thanks again, xo

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