Presence and a Goodbye, for now.

22 Jan

In case you haven’t noticed by my current radio silence, I have decided to take some time off from blogging. I have no idea whether this will be permanent, or only temporary, but it is time.

When I started blogging back in 2009, I loved having a voice in the fashion community. I would spend my open hours scanning, and twisting runway looks into more budget and office-friendly realities. Working a 12 hour day, then coming home to polyvore, and editing, and writing till 1 am was my way of relaxing. It was therapeutic to have a passion outside of the office. I met amazing friends from industry contacts to fellow bloggers balancing the work-blog-life scales. Blogger brunches were a highlight of my calendar. Spending my time scanning through twitter, perfecting that pose, instagramming every moment worth sharing, it was all things I loved and looked forward to. Until it became exhausting, a second job, a hassle. I felt like I NEEDED to get that post up, I NEEDED to hit that Google Analytic goal. I would get upset when a post I worked on for hours only hit a minimal view count. My excitement for sharing my point of view was morphed into a competitive spirit that took the fun out of blogging.

Around a year ago, I remember meeting some blogger girls for dinner. From the moment we sat down at the table, it was tweeting “we’re having so much fun” to instagramming the cocktails we ordered to “oh wait, don’t take a bite yet, my shot was blurry.” Almost the entire meal was spent digitally sharing rather than connecting in person. That’s when blogging turned for me. I realized how many people (including me) are ignoring their dinner mate for that instagram filter, or checking back their likes instead of actually watching the sunset. I wasn’t being present at all.

I honestly believe technology has become an addiction. And while I still can’t fathom being the person who doesn’t check their social media, I am trying to limit my use. Honestly, my boyfriend rarely even checks his gmail let alone his Facebook or instagram. I found myself being jealous at his lack of need for a growing follower count.

I also saw the change in blogs. What went from opinions and content shifted to ℅, gifted, sponsored posts. Many bloggers have their site as their full time job, so I understand why they jump at sponsored posts. But for a fashion blog to post about gum, or house cleaning product, just sounded so out of place on their site. Where twitter was for conversations it now is a way to share affiliate links to click to your pinterest to that “wish list” item that reallllly isn’t on your list to buy, but more like has a $30 commission rate. Instagram where it once was a place to capture a moment, is now a place to post your DSLR, photoshop edited outfit post, link to your collage, and once again, monetize. I found myself scrolling through instagram at edited photos, new handbags, trips to Europe and I wasn’t happy with my amazing life.

If you’ve followed me on social media you know I have dealt with a crippling health issue the last year. My health is what brought me home to Hawaii, it’s what made me quit my job to take care of my health, to replace brunch and drinks dates with 5 doctors appointments a week. There were days I could not make my own meals, shower on my own, or really even walk without assistance. I’ve finally found the light at the end of the tunnel with a diagnosis and will be getting surgery this coming Monday. To have these issues and yet have brands emailing me “Lauren, it has been 2 days since your product has arrived, why have you not instagrammed them yet?” Well, it was once again, pressure and exhaustion that I did not need.

In the past few weeks I have un-followed many on instagram, twitter, and beyond who post selfie after ℅ shot, after sponsored post. I have filled my feed with photographers, lifestyle bloggers, interior design. People who share a passion other than their selfie. I have moved on from the #ootd mirror shot, and I could not be happier. More importantly, I have put my phone in my purse and left it there. I have had date night without the phone on the table, I have enjoyed a sunset without snapping a photo, I have woken up and not immediately checked my notifications.

My goal for 2014 is to be more present in my life and the best way I know how to do that is to live in my moment, not others’ snapped online. I still feel I check social media too often, but I’m aware and I’m trying to change. For now, I’ll be posting over at It’s a work in progress of a website, but it will be more general thoughts, feelings, photos not only fashion and beauty. I thank you all who have joined me in this amazing journey of blogging. I have met amazing people who I still consider friends to this date. Blogging taught me how to find my own voice and I hope it use it for good in the future. In the mean time, if you have a tumblr or love someone else’s tumblr please comment below with the link or tweet it to me, so I may follow you!

Thank you all dear readers. xoxo


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Tiffany & Co Atlas Collection

8 Jan

A few days before Christmas I was invited to the Tiffany & Co store at Ala Moana to see their Atlas collection. The Atlas collection was introduced back in 1995, named after the mythic Greek god, symbolizing Atlas’ globe and in turn, making an impact around the world. I was enamored with the recent redesigned store, from the Tiffany blue box holiday wreath to the iconic color mistletoe, which I might’ve sneaked a kiss under.

Tiffany & Co has always been a jewelry staple for me beginning with a silver spoon for my birth. My parents collected little silver memorabilia that currently is still in their original protective teal bags. For my 16th birthday I was given the toggle necklace and matching bracelet. Since then my collection has grown from the open heart necklace to the initial pendant and more. So I am no stranger to the Tiffany & Co brand.

Now that I’m a bit older I’m drawn to more simple fine jewelry, and the Atlas collection exudes an air of timelessness. With the roman numeral feature and sleek designs the collection looks just as appropriate on me as it would on my mother or grandmother. The collection also ranges from sterling silver to 18k yellow, rose or white gold, or even adorned with diamonds. I had a bit of fun mixing metals when trying it on myself.

After a quick kiss under the mistletoe I left the store with that little blue bag every girl hopes to see under her Christmas tree. And now this beautiful bangle from the collection that has yet to leave my wrist. A big thank you to Tiffany & Co and Kim for the lovely tour of the Ala Moana store, the collection, and my own piece from the Atlas collection!


Photo Credit: Andrew 

Friday Favorites #5: Vampy Lips, Fall Scents & Collaborations

6 Dec

Vampy lips, fall scents, and some items I’ve been waiiiiiting for…

1. Maybelline in Color Sensational in Plum Paradise
2. HM x Isabel Marant, sold out online
3. Banana Republic Knee Socks + Stacking Rings
4. Pier 1 Cranberry Balsam Candle
5. Alice + Olivia for Starbucks Ceramic Mug, sold out online

I’m wearing a black long sleeve from Banana Republic, a (new) vest from Forever 21, an (old) necklace and Essie Sweater Set on my nails.

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What to Wear: Classic Sequins

5 Dec

You can never go wrong sporting sequins during the holidays. Whether it’s a classic shift dress, or a modern pair of track pants, sequins will always be “in.” Rather than include some metallic mini or patterned piece, I wanted to choose just the most classic styles and shapes for the season. Sometimes you need a good go-to, one that you can slip on for that last minute party and feel great in. I’m all for silver or red, or sequins in any style, but for some people wearing sequins is daring enough. That is why for this guide I choose to stick with classic black. These are my favorite go-to sparkly items for the holiday season…

1. If you’re going to go super short make sure you’re covered on top. If you live in cold weather a long sleeve dress will keep you warm, but the mini will still be party-ready. Pair with tights and sky high heels.

2. For cooler weather, a short sleeve mini is best. It can normally get a bit warm in parties so I stick to shorter sleeves, especially here in Hawaii. I love the idea of pairing this dress with bold red satin heels, or gold metallic pumps.

3. For the dress-phobic or fashion forward lady, these track pants are insanely good. For $100, you can stand out on a budget. Pair with a graphic tee for day, and silk sleeveless black button down for night.

4. Mix your sequins with some metallic for a more feminine, girly approach. This dress also has a peekaboo v-neck back that is sure to turn heads, in the best way, of course.

5. For a sexy bit of sequins, this mini skirt is perfect for day to night. Pair with an oversized sweater for a relaxed look, or if you’re daring, a crop top for night!

6. If you’re more of a sit at home and watch movies type of girl, this cozy comfy sweater is the perfect for leggings and a big cup of cocoa on the couch. Bonus, it’s on sale!

7. If you’re looking for only a small amount of sequins, a clutch is the perfect way to punch up any outfit with a splash of sparkle! I’m crushing on this Kate Spade clutch, or this is a version for under $100.


Shop the post below, all items are from Nordstrom, but this post isn’t sponsored. I just love how easy their shipping and returns are!

North Shore Style

3 Dec

Winter weather means high swells and lots of surfers on the North Shore, and the perfect day trip to the country. Living “downtown” Oahu is no where near as hectic as Manhattan, but it’s still a city and that means cars, construction, and lots of buildings. We needed a day of blue skies, fields of green and solitude to relax so we packed up our car and headed North for the whole day. After stopping at Guava Shop, we headed to Pipeline to watch the surfers and snack on fresh cut pineapple. It takes some time to get around, especially with only one main road through Haleiwa, so we rolled down the windows, snapped some photos and blasted The Green. I love how desolate the area feels with expansive beaches to the left, mountains to the right, and cold coconut stands throughout the way. Before heading over to Kailua to meet up with friends we popped into our favorite “original food truck” Giovanni’s for some lemon grilled shrimp and garlic rice, mmmm…

Target Hat (old, similar F21)// LAMade dress via TJMaxx/ Zinke bikini top (on sale) and bottoms// Samudra pouch// Target sneakers